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Monday, January 28, 2013


Before heading off on vacation I spent my last few weeks on Pohnpei wrapping up my classes (juniors wrote outlines and essays, seniors compared the novels they read the past semester and retold Micronesian legends), marveling at the progress of the MHS library (all thanks to the librarian), submitting my graduate school applications (wish me luck!), witnessing a reconciliation service in Pohnpeian, bonding with my fellow volunteers through baking cookies and Christmas shopping, enjoying island style advent season, attending pre-Christmas parties (complete with plenty ice cream), and watching The Hobbit at the only movie theater in the F.S.M. (on opening night, no less!).

Reconciliation service with three priests and sakau (in this case used for asking forgiveness)
Diana (right) did all the work, but Christy (left) wanted some of the credit!
Good times with the JVI’s
The nativity scene with a Pohnpeian twist
Having fun
My second trip back home was a much needed break and energy booster.  I saw pretty much all of my family and friends and ate “exotic” foods (like freshly baked lembas) that resulted in me gaining five pounds (which may be a slight exaggeration).  I met a new family member and caught up on the current happenings of my friends, as well as re-explored the Chicago public transportation system and gawked at all of the technological advancements I have missed.
Who is this strange person holding me?
Good food, good friends, good beer
My favorite family members
Maine South High School Stargate crew, reunited after six years

How old are we?  :)  Love my IWU buddies

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