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Monday, February 4, 2013

Beneath the pale moonlight

Coming back to Pohnpei this time around was less difficult for me in the sense that I have a specific project I want to complete before I am ready to leave for good.  I am pleased with the students I have been able to instruct, the teachers I have been able to work with, the connections (both with locals and with mehn wai) that I have been fortunate enough to make…BUT I will not be completely satisfied with my Peace Corps service until I know for sure that the MHS library will be sustainable.  How am I accomplishing this?  Right now I am doing all that I can to equip the library with what it needs, whether that be inserting library cards and book pockets into its 2,000+ books, obtaining and updating periodicals, permanently borrowing a desktop from the computer lab, or most significantly, training and keeping the librarian.  If you’ve noticed this recurring theme throughout my blog posts then you know this is very important to me and will continue to be until I depart Pohnpei.  I must say that all this is going pretty well, so the next few months will be dedicated to keeping it that way.
So glad that Maymorleen is on board as librarian!
Along with the library I have been academically advising my juniors (the future business leaders of Pohnpei), overseeing once again intensive COMET practice for MHS’s 100+ seniors (in reading comprehension, vocabulary, essay writing, and math), doing administrative business on behalf of the Language Arts Department (scheduling is fun!), and writing recommendation letters for students applying to the NIH’s STEP-UP Program (anything that encourages students’ interest in medical science is excellent in my book).
Celebrating the end of our second-to-last semester at MHS
My seniors loved their impromptu photo-taking session
As Chairperson of Language Arts, I had the opportunity to represent this department at a hearing with the Pohnpei State Legislature’s Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs.  My fellow chairpeople (haha) of MHS and I presented our successes, concerns, and needs with this committee and they in turn asked us questions and told us their plan of action for the future.  I spoke about the need for TESL-focused staff trainings and funding for a permanent librarian – I hope that the committee addresses these needs seriously and in a timely manner, but I was grateful for the opportunity to be heard whatever the outcome may be.
The Eco Chairperson hard at work
Outside of work I have been readjusting back to Pohnpeian life (complete with K-Ben antics and sakau), playing flute and singing in the international choir, hanging out with cool people in town and on the perfectly cute island of Black Coral, and reading plenty books on my nook (thank you parental units).
K-Ben is getting so big!
Pounding sakau.  The building behind me is home to the MHS library.
Pounding sakau is normally a man’s job, and my title Nahnsou is normally reserved for a man.
Christy enjoying the ocean
Neither strong winds nor current could deter me from getting this shot!

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  1. We are speechless!!!! Just a big WOW from the parental Units.

    A stint at the Ponhnpei Legislature ...a bigger WOW!!!