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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcoming you to Madolenihmw

As of November 12, 2012, I have been an official Peace Corps Volunteer for two years.  I have grown both personally and professionally over this span of time – at least that is what I like to think!  I had one piece of unfinished business that led to my extension here on Pohnpei, and fortunately that is progressing quite smoothly.  My local counterpart is well on her way to making the MHS library her own.
MHS librarian-in-training
My seniors have been busy analyzing Island of the Blue Dolphins and Call It Courage while my juniors have been learning the art of essay writing and debating.  Aside from grading and lesson planning (per norm), I have been working on grad school applications (which are due way too soon), devouring books (I can never get enough), and hanging out with my host family (drinking sakau and dancing, two very Pohnpeian pastimes).
Celebrating the start of my 25th year of existence – I have had three birthdays here on Pohnpei.
My third meeting with Mr. Obama – I also (really) met the new ambassador to the F.S.M.
MHS Welcome Party – nothing like a cafeteria crammed to the brim with students to make you feel welcome
Waterfall at Section IV
Nett Point with Sokehs Rock looming in the background
Governor of Pohnpei, John Ehsa
You’ve earned your retirement, Principal
Trip to Nan Madol with our Desk Officer
Pohnpei’s future leaders in the field of medical laboratory science
Finish it party at Nahlap
My village’s kamadipw en kousap, this year hosted by my family
In less than a month I will be off to visit the last M77, Becky, in Chuuk and then return home for the holidays.  Looking forward to seeing another state in the F.S.M. and catching up with family and friends!


  1. An enchanted island, panoramic views, beautiful people....just breathtaking...so is your life....all of 25 years now and counting!!! Always be thankful everyday...a daily attitude of gratitude will make your years count wherever your life journey takes you. See you soon!!!

    Love....Parental Units..

  2. Excellent photos, enjoy the holidays off the rock! My son says he remembers you from the fun run, noted you demonstrated some martial arts moves that impressed him. He had joined the brief Taekwondo "Peace Corps" lessons up in Kolonia earlier this year, and early last spring had joined the Taekwondo lessons at Sea Breeze hotel. I will get back down to MHS around February first next year to continue to work with the math team down there. I think I have lived here a tad too long - U seems far away to me.